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At six, Leo sang solo "God Bless You Merry Gentlemen" in his church Christmas program. Later, encouraged by his mother, he won singing honours at school. At Port Washington High School, Wisconsin, USA he spent time as an American Field Service Scholar. After three years at University studying architecture, he went on to become one of the Philippines' best known performers. His name there is a byword in radio, television and in the world of musical theatre. He has won three Best Male Performer Awards from ALIW, the country's highest entertainment award-giving body. The National Press Club Annual TINIG (Voice) Awards named him three times as "one of the most outstanding singers in the country". He has released six record albums, three of which have turned gold. Leo represented the Philippines in the first Asian Song Festival where he won the grand prize. He was awarded the best singer award and the song Magsimula Ka won the best song award. He is at ease performing before an intimate crowd or at the big stadiums of 20,000 or more, and has done shows and concerts all over Asia, Europe and America. His theatre credits include Ravana in "Ramahari", and the Good God Manama in "Tales of the Manuva", both presented by the Cultural Centre of the Philippines. He has starred in the most successful musical extravaganza at the Manila Metropolitan Theatre: "Hindi Kita Malimot", "Dahil Salyo", "Gomburza2, "Ewagan" and "Sarungbanggi" where the audience honoured him with standing ovations. In 1993, he played the role of Jean Valjean in a repertory Philippines production of "Les Misérables" where the acclaim of critics and the audience gave him encouragement to audition for the Engineer in one of the most successful theatre productions of all time, "Miss Saigon". He played the role for almost a year in London. Back in the Philippines he essayed the role of Freddie Trumper in the New Voice Company production of "Chess The Musical", again to critical acclaim. In 1996 Leo repeated the role of the Engineer in the Sydney production of "Miss Saigon". After the stint in Sydney, Leo was busy doing television shows and concert tours all over the Philippines. A concert with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra and concert tours of major cities in Asia, Australia, and America followed before Leo returned to "Miss Saigon" in London, playing the Engineer until the production closed in October 1999. Leo has most recently starred in the sell-out production of "Miss Saigon" in the Far East (Manila, Hong Kong & Singapore), and is currently recreating his role again for the UK National Tour . Whenever the opportunity arises he is most happy doing charity fund-raisers either for the church or civic minded groups helping the underprivileged.

Leo credits the Divine Almighty for all his blessings He has kindly given him.